“I love the work that I do, and all I want and strive for is for the residents here to be happy and comfortable.” Jackie S.

“I can see him (Phillip) coming home soon now, I didn’t at first. We love Trevecca Center.” – Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

“I am doing so much better! Everyone is doing everything they can for me.  If I had not come to this therapy I would still not be able to do all of these things.  I have fallen in love with the whole staff.  I’m so glad I came here, I wouldn’t trade it.” – Marie S.

“Rehab was great! Got me straightened out and on my way.  I feel so blessed by the care I received at Trevecca.  The facility is clean and neat and the staff is very professional.  The rehab staff have been like my guardian angel.” -Erma E.

“I would recommend Trevecca Rehab to anyone.  They got me back on my feet and able to go home with my family!  The staff was very pleasant and friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs and each other.”-Peggy S.

“This is the best skilled facility I have ever been in, and I know quality when I see it.  Everyone has been so nice and the care has been great!  I will be going home soon, but when I need skilled care in the future, I know Trevecca is where I want to go.  I would recommend it to anyone.” -Aline L.

“My wife has been raving about how great the food is at Trevecca.  She keeps saying it is the best food she has ever had at any facility or hospital.  She normally picks at her food at home but here at Trevecca she eats every bite.” -Lauray O.

“Everyone was a professional!  I have told everyone that this facility is operated better than any facility I have seen.  Keep up the good work.” -James A.

“I came in with 2 fractures and had to have Skilled Care PT and OT.  Everyone was great, very patient, kind, helpful.  I was at Trevecca 2 weeks and everyone seemed to be smiling with positive attitudes.  This is very helpful to us patients.  I am very grateful for the wonderful care that I have received and would recommend Trevecca to anyone.” – Kathryn Z.

“In August 2010, I had to make the hardest decision of my life.  I had two daughters sick at the same time, Darcy with Cerebal Palsy and Marcy, fighting cancer.  While Darcy was in the hospital, Marcy called to tell me she was losing the battle and had a short time to live.  I was very scared for both daughters but had to make a choice to be with the one I knew had only weeks to live. When the social worker at the hospital called to tell me Trevecca had an opening for Darcy, Trevecca has been a God send.  Everyone made the transition a great one.  When I had to leave Darcy that August day, the Nurse Manager, Margie assured me she would take care of her.  She did everything she promised and I will be forever grateful.  Darcy is still at Trevecca Health Care and the staff does everything in their power to make the residents happy.” – Tony M.T.  

“At times, my Mother can be stubborn.  In spite of that Trevecca gave her the best services anyone could get.  I feel the staff was very responsive to her needs during the course of her stay for Rehab.  Everyone was diligent and cordial, and I feel the rehab team helped give back her independence so she could come home.  I feel God sent my mother to Trevecca and I am grateful to them.”  – Darien Y.

“In the fall of 2010, my brother and I had to make one of the hardest decisions of our lives.  Our father had a series of mini strokes and it was determined that he could no longer live alone.  We were very torn on what to do.  I checked our options and then God led us to Trevecca Health Care.  From our very first visit I had a good feeling.  The support I received from everyone was overwhelming.  There are just too many names to list as my father has been on various floors, but they all know who they are.  We love them like family.  Trevecca is super clean, friendly, caring and most of all loving.  You can tell everyone at Trevecca care for the residents and that makes all the difference! And the best part ….Dad loves it there!  You may look long and hard but you can’t beat Trevecca. Trust me.” -Mike A. 

“On April 7, 2013, I was in a life changing car accident.  I had two broken ankles, a broken foot and leg.  After surgery I went to Trevecca;  I have never been in a Health Care Facility before now; really didn’t know what to expect.  I was in great pain and pretty scared.  I found Trevecca’s staff knowledgable, kind and highly skilled as they took me through the process of helping me find my way to getting better through structured PT, OT, pain relief and trying to find the best way to treat me and my case as a person; with respect and caring.  The menu of selections was very healthy and delightfully good and gave me a choice to best suit my own tastes.  That helped me feel in control of my own dietary likes.  They offer activities daily and I was able to handle my financial obligations through faxes, phone services and mailing. In all I spent 30 of my 40 days since the accident at Trevecca.  I go home tomorrow and already have all my necessary equipment waiting for me at home.  I hope I am never in this position again, but if I am, I would definitely return to Trevecca.  I have even said so on my Facebook site for all my friends to see.” -Mary M.C.