Upcoming Events

Be sure to download our December recreation calendar for more exciting events taking place throughout our community.


Events are subject to change. Please contact our Therapeutic Recreation Department for more information on December events!


National Cookie Cutter Day – December 1st

Get that tall glass of ice-cold milk ready. Today is the day we will be celebrating National Cookie Cutter day. We will start the day off by decorating cookies on all floors in the dayrooms. The origin of cookie cutters goes all the way back to 2000 BC. In the 1800s, tinsmiths started building and selling their cutters at the market. To end our sweet day, we will be baking scrumptious cookies in the main dining room at 2:00 pm to re-live all those memories from days past. All Families and residents are welcome to join. One day if you are bored, take a ride out to the National Cookie Cutter Museum in Joplin, Missouri. What do you get when you use a deer-shaped cookie cutter? Give up, Cookie-doe.


International Tea Day – December 15th

Step aside, coffee and Coca-Cola. It’s a brew-tea-full day. Drinking tea became popular in Britain during the 17th century. Today Trevecca is participating in International Tea Day. We will start our tea party at 10:00 am in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dayroom. All residents and family are welcome to sit and stay awhile for a spot of tea.


Trevecca Christmas Party December 19th

Today is the day you wait for all year! We will have our annual Christmas parade at 10:00 am throughout the building. Keep a lookout for Santa’s elves. Don’t be rude-olph…enjoy this holiday season and skate on down to our dining room at 2:00 pm for the party. All residents and families are welcome. We will be stocking up on our favorite holiday treats. There will be reindeer games, food, and music for all. So don’t be put on the  naughty list, and attend this festive event!!


Please refer to our Facebook Page for additional events and opportunities to engage with your loved one. We are creating opportunities for residents and patients to video call through skype, etc. Please feel free to reach out to our Director of Recreation with any questions and activity opportunities.

As we practice proper social distancing protocols in our community, we are proud to feature modified programming to continue providing vibrancy for our residents and employees. All events are subject to change. Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook page for continued updates as well as reaching out to us via Messenger.